Paul Stevens June 20, 2019

 Time is precious. Physical health and happiness are precious too, but MENTAL HEALTH is as precious as any other health.   There’s a pressure within our society that we must always be happy, coupled with the challenges of work, finance, relationships, being a parent or just fitting in can show up in our lives as deep fuelled emotions, su

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Happiness: Not for Sale, How Income Disparities between a Man and Woman affect their Relationship

Monica Wilson June 19, 2019

 Women are set to earn more in any profession within 25 years. From traditional housewives with a little control over major household decisions, the number of women earning more than their partners has significantly increased in the past years. This however, doesn’t buy male’s happiness, a new study suggest. Female Breadwinners

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Recollecting Binge Drinking Episodes Using Present Verb Tense May Help People Cut Back the Habit, New Study Found

Lisa Franchi June 05, 2019

 Whenever we recall past experiences, the standard grammar rule tells us to use past tenses. But with binge drinkers, talking about their experiences with alcohol abuse using the present tense instead of the past tense can positively impact their future behaviour, a new study suggests. A team of researchers from the University of Pennsylvania headed

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I am not ok as I pretend to be...

Paul Stevens May 21, 2019

I am not ok as I pretend to be. I can fake a smile any day anytime... Feeling suicidal can be associated with; loss, anxiety, depression, medical conditions, drug and alcohol dependancy, financial, legal or school problems. It doesn’t mean you’re weak, crazy, flawed or helpless. It only means you have more pain than you can cope with in that m

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Is It Me or Him? How Relationship Discrepancies Bring Couples Even Closer

Sharon Moore May 08, 2019

 In intimate relationships, people behave depending on where they blame their shortcomings – whether to their own selves or to their partners. Although they are associated with dissatisfaction, relationship discrepancies could actually bring couples closer, a new study suggests. According to the Ideal Standards Model (ISM), a partner starts to

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The Psychologists’ Role in Helping Sufferers of Hepatitis C

Helen Holmes April 15, 2019

 It is normal for people to feel sad, anxious and depressed the moment they heard the bad news from their doctor. But for people who are suffering from hepatitis C, the emotional impact can be greatly tormenting and long lasting. With psychotherapy however, coping with these effects can be smooth and sustainable. The Psychological Effects of Hepatiti

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It’s More than Words: Body Shape Shows How Attractiveness He or She Is

Rebecca Lewis March 28, 2019

 There are things that we can’t express through the use of words. Non verbal communication, which is often associated with body language, gestures and facial expressions, could tell whether a person finds another to be attractive or not. Which body shapes do most people find attractive? Although magazines and TV shows suggest that being thin i

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Why do Even Strong Minded Olympic Athletes find it Hard Transitioning to After-Sports Life? – Tips to Make Smooth Transitions in Life

Amy Taylor March 19, 2019

 Athletes from across the world began arriving to the UK for the much awaited, 2012 Summer Olympic Games to be held in London. Transitioning to Non-Sports Career Being known for their strong sense of patience and determination, one would assume that athletes are more likely to succeed in life after their sporting careers. However, this isn’t a

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Got Bad Cholesterol? Experts Suggest You Sweat It Away - Exercise to Lower Cholesterol

Monica Wilson March 13, 2019

 People exercise for many reasons. And whatever it is, the result is clear – an improved health. Exercising is among the most effective weight loss solutions which have also been proven to reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and many other serious health problems. Exercising and Cholesterol Researchers have long been trying to

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Can’t Say No to Sweets? Watch Out! It Might Be Sugar Addiction

Lisa Franchi February 26, 2019

 You might have heard about drug, alcohol, and nicotine addiction for so many times. How about sugar addiction? According to some experts, sugar is not only addictive, it is also becomes toxic when your body absorbs too much of it. Why? Is there such thing as sugar addiction? You might be one of those who can’t live a day without having a slic

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