Friends with Health Benefits - How Having Good Friends Lead to a Healthier and Longer Life

Amy Taylor January 07, 2021

 Have you called your best today to say thank you? Then you should! You need to thank them for being with you, for making you smile, for wiping your tears the last time you felt so broke, and for lengthening your life. Yes, you read it right. In a new study, scientists found that having good friends make people live longer. A group of Australian resear

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Can’t Get Enough Sleep? Keep Away from Your IPad and Smartphone, Experts Suggest

Rebecca Lewis December 18, 2020

 Upcoming bills, inconsiderate bosses, health problems, and relationship issues – are they keeping you awake and restless at night? If yes, you share the same problem with thousands of Britons. According to a survey conducted by Sleepio, 51.3% of people in Britain struggle to get a good night sleep. Between men and women, the latter are three time

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I need Space! - Why It’s Best for Couples to Have a Little Breathing Room

Amy Taylor December 03, 2020

 Odd as it seems, but sometimes, couples need some distance to get even closer. Issues about space and time are common among married and unmarried couples. We hear things like “I need space”, “He doesn’t have time for me”, “She’s too demanding”, “He’s too clingy”, etc. When the closeness

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Coping with Unwanted Anger – 3 Simple Strategies

Sharon Moore November 25, 2020

 At some point in our lives, we all become like Dr Bruce Banner, the incredible Hulk. We get too angry and become too powerful that we almost could carry the entire building and throw it into the face someone we’re angry at and crush them like ice. But anger doesn’t do any good because in the first place, it doesn’t even address the is

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Holding a Grudge Can Break Your Heart, Literally - The Act of Forgiveness and its Physiological Benefits

Rebecca Lewis October 22, 2020

 When was the last time you’ve forgiven someone who hurts you so bad? Forgiving gives you peace of mind and strengthens your relationship with other people. Yes you know it. Still want more reasons? Well, it also lowers your blood pressure, gives you quality sleep, and most of all – increases your lifespan. You hear it right. Practising the

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Don’t Fall Into the Trap of Sleeping Pill Addiction - The Danger of Sleeping Medications and Some Alternative Ways for a Good Night Sleep

Monica Wilson October 15, 2020

 Sleeping has always been a problem to many Britons. Stress, personal problems, and many other things affect’s one’s quality of sleep. In a recent survey by the Economic and Social Research Council, it was found that ONE in ten Brits takes sleeping pills regularly. This, according to some experts, is something people should be concerned abou

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10 Ways to Reduce the Development of ADHD-like Symptoms in Your Child

Lauren Nicholson October 01, 2020

  ADHD or Hyperkinetic Disorder is dubbed as the most typical behavioural disorder in the UK, affecting 5-10% of children and adolescents (BBC-Health). Symptoms of ADHD include excessive inattentiveness, impulsiveness and hyperactivity. However, there are other conditions that may present similar symptoms in young children, such as sleep deprivation, th

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Before You Sleep, Be Thankful - Research Linked Gratitude to Quality Sleep

Sharon Moore August 27, 2020

 Instead of counting how much more money you need to make to settle your bills, recalling how your boss admonished you in front of your colleagues, or worrying about tomorrow’s presentation at work, why not be grateful about the person who made you smile today, or count the blessings you received? Sure, there are plenty of them. If you do this, ch

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10 Natural Headache Busters - Healthy, Delicious Foods that Relieve Headache

Lisa Franchi August 11, 2020

 Headache doesn’t only give you pain, but also delays your work and make you less productive. Instead of lying on bed, popping a pill, and sleeping it out, you can actually eat your headache away. There are foods that contain essential vitamins and minerals that are sure to relieve your aching head. Baked potato Got hangover due to last night&rs

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Becoming a Better Person for Others - 5 Ways to Develop Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Monica Wilson July 16, 2020

 Admit it – it takes just a couple of days or weeks to memorise and master a recital piece but it could take months, even years to forgive a person, get over a distressing experience, get over a breakup, or accept failures. Dealing with negative emotions and strengthening social relationships can be hard if you have low emotional intelligence or E

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